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Want to create a Killer Game? – Talk to Young Web Builder!

Want to create a Killer Game? – Talk to Young Web Builder!

In the video games industry we used to classify new video games in terms of Fillers, Thrillers or Killers.

Fillers are just games that fill in the space between releasing Thrillers or Killers. Fillers probably make you enough money when released to pay for the cost of developing the game. Fillers were to be a killer game at the time of the idea, but the time the game was released the market had moved on and the game found its way down to Filler.

In your game portfolio you might find 50% of the games you release are Fillers, maybe 40% Thrllers and only 10% are killers, thats if you are lucky.

Thrillers are those games that when released hit the big time, usually because they ride on the buzz of a new movie release, tournament or news story. The game design and gameplay can be fantastic, but the reason the game does so well, is the timing of release was near perfect and the game sold a shedload because its release coincided with franchise buzz.

Killers are games that disrupt markets and even create new ones. These games introduce new forms of gameplay, advanced gaming techniques and give birth to new genres that have never been seen before. Perhaps the producer mixes two or three or more genres together, making a new hybrid genre that simply sky rockets the games appeal beyond anything else ever seen before. Perhaps the designer had multiple technical backgrounds and saw a game that very few designers could ever perceive, but that would result in multi faceted content that would be so persuasive to play, the gamer couldn’t stop playing it.

Killer games are what all studios desire to create, but very few ever manage to achieve it.

If you are a publisher looking to learn the science behind creating a killer game that will go viral, come and talk to us in the Young Web Builder forum here,


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.

  • Lacey@video game designer Job Description skills

    Why do people find video games so entertaining?
    I adore video games, and I am curious to understand the reasons you
    do as well

    • Stephen

      Hi Lacey,
      I am not a great fan of video game content that is already in the public domain.

      I prefer to concentrate on R&D for identifying new killer game designs, rather than simply playing someone else’s content. By not playing games, I keep my ideas largely fresh and am influenced by the multitude of fields I study, rather than simply being influenced by any one genre.

      So if there are any designers reading this out there, i’d say, throw yourself into as many fields of computing as you can. This will improve the repertoire of design skills you hold and maybe that will enable you to get closer to making a killer game.

      best wishes

  • Alex

    Awesome :) Inspired me XD Good job!