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Who Should I Follow On Twitter?

Who Should I Follow On Twitter?

Well, if you decide that your twitter is getting too cluttered, when following 50 people. 100 or more, then you should think again!! One of the best ways to gain targeted followers is to follow people in the hope that they will follow you back. But not everyone will follow you back. Say you follow 700 people, an average might be 100, if they are all targeted that is great. A good tool to use is, you can see when their last tweet date was, and how many followers they have.

Dependant on their interests you might get a large number of them follow you back, however the bigger guys are not always going to care. For example, some people just simply have 1000’s of followers because they paid for them, or they are some sort of obscure celebrity that we don’t know about.

They are not necessarily going to follow us. It is a good idea to try and follow people with the least number of followers, because they are more likely to follow us. Oh look, someone actually followed me!! So they run off and tell all their friends, their pets. And then follow you back. People usually get an email to say someone has followed them. And to someone with similar interests, and very few or none followers, they might follow you back. Maybe not necessarily those with 0 because that just makes you look like a freak. Why would this person follow me!! They obviously are using some sort of automation!! No one would ever follow me!!  Don’t follow people who have not tweeted in a long time, tweepi will tell you if they are completely inactive. We don’t really want people who have tweeted but not tweeted for a year or something.  Unless they are a new account.

We don’t always want people who ramble on about nonsense, they are not really any good to us. We also don’t really want people that post links all the time. Unless you just want to build your numbers, as long as they are targeted it does not matter. However if you want people to interact, then you should decide, what type of person would listen to what I have to say? Not someone with 1000’s of followers, they are too busy for us.

Look at people who are similar to yourself on twitter, follow their followers, their friends. You will probably find two things. 1. They have an automatic followback tool, 2. They have a manual reciprocation tool, 3. They manually decided to follow you back. Either way, as long as you follow people who are targeted, it does not matter too much.

Don’t worry about followfriday, or exchange sites, these are no good. Use tweepi, or another similar tool, or do it manually. People WILL follow you back. Just wait patiently. Then unfollow those who don’t. And Repeat!

Good Luck!!

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.