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Why Age is Irrelevant in Business

Why Age is Irrelevant in Business

When we talk about Business Personnel, the picture of a middle aged man in a suit immediately comes to mind. Although, it really doesn’t have to be that way at all. A business is a business, and for as long as it is earning money, it will continue to gain interest and popularity.

The minimum age to register as the Director of a company with Companies House in the UK, is 16. Which is actually extremely low in it’s own right. Although, to start trading on the internet on a small scale, you don’t necessarily need to register with Companies House.

Take my story for example, a few years back, I set up a Video Games review website. Back then, I was relatively quite young. Although, I was still able to get my self out there, contact some pretty big companies and grab myself some large advertising deals. Nowadays, I have grown up, obviously I am much more respected in business, but it really wouldn’t be that way with out my self grown kickstart as a young adult.

Advertising is generally an age irrelevant online market. If you hold the ability to set up a small media website, this can focus on anything, think a Technology discussion Forum or even a Fashion Blog. You can then easily start fishing around for a great Advertising deal. You can go through this process in a manual manner, i.e simply just selling your advertising space direct to the advertiser. Or you can opt for the relatively more stress free option of heading for an Advertising agency, and one of the easiest of these to gain access to would be Google’s own AdSense.

For those under the age of 16, why not just ask for your parents to manage the finance side of your online business? This often just involves, them setting up the Google AdSense account or even the Paypal account for your profits to be paid into.

Obviously, at the age of 12 – 16 years old, it’s not going to be easy running a business that sells physical goods. That’s always an option, but it’s one that I would advise you stay quite clear of. Why not just make your money in the form of advertising space or services like Web Design and Graphic Design.

It’s never going to be easy setting up a business from scratch, but if that’s something you aspire to do, then the best time to do so is right now. Age really isn’t relevant in business, if you have the professional drive and the correct communication skills, you’ll soon find that it is much easier for your 14 year old self to kickstart the business than it will be 10 or 20 years time.

Written by Josh M-J

I started building websites at the age of 12, I am now an extremely respected Video Games and Technology Journalist. I currently work with some extremely big names, such as Nintendo and others.

  • Stephen

    How amazingly true this post is Josh.
    It is a total myth that people have to wait for some particular time or age for when they can achieve something.
    Everything you do in life is an expression of grace and just because you are young doesn’t mean your expression is any more or any less graceful that anyone else’s.

    You really cannot look to the world outside for direction.
    Direction comes from within and you should trust your instincts and do what it tells you.
    For that is the real you!

    Whatever your age, circumstances and condition, you only to have look within at the amazing spirit inside you and bring that beauty out into the world and then you really will be complete.
    Do what you feel, not what you think, or what other people think you should do or be.
    Look within and be honest about your abilities. Look for the best in you and share that with everyone around you and you will never be lonely, never go hungry and always be someone who has made the very best of their life.

    • Josh M-J

      I couldn’t agree more Stephen! It’s great to see someone has the same opinion as myself! Starting a business young is a great way to show your raw talent, not just your experience (also remember, experience doesn’t always come with age).

  • Stephen

    “experience doesn’t always come with age”
    I guess in its literal sense, experience does come with age, because whether you are 16 or 76 the path that leads up to you becoming those ages is littered with experiences and those experiences add up to the experience you have at that age.

    So, if at 16 years of age, you have experience of working in your family business, then you will have a great deal more experience of how to manage a business than the 50 year old guy down the road who has spent all of his life as a lorry driver.

    Yet, if I were to go on and tell you that that lorry driver has in his life earnt £300K from his driving over the years, compared to your £500, where does that leave us?

    Who is the most successful?

    Many people with raw talent, have been amongst the most poorest in our society,
    I am thinking of artists and the like.

    Just expressing my feelings.
    Interesting topic.

    • Josh M-J

      You’re quite right, it is an extremely interesting topic! I would always argue that those who strive for more will go further. The man who has always been the Lorry driver may have earned the most money, but he clearly hasn’t wished for more and that is why he isn’t quite as successful.

      Also, think, by the time I reach 50 years old, I will have accumulated alot more skill and talent than the current 50 year old.

      It really is quite interesting, thanks for your opinions! :)

  • lucasbytegenius

    I still think age is still very relevant online, no matter what you do. Especially concerning grammar and spelling, and how you deal socially online. I know for one thing I was a total ass when I was 15-16, I hardly ever took anyone’s advice and did my own thing.

    • Josh M-J

      I completely disagree really. I believe that a 15-16 year old can have as much professional standard as a 50 year old, it just depends on the person. I personally cannot write a letter or anything like that without it being of an extremely professional standard. However, thanks for your thoughts, it’s quite a controversial topic!