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Why building user centred web projects is essential

Why building user centred web projects is essential

Everyone wants their website to be great and to have all the glories of a high PR, lots of regular visitors and a steady income generator, but that is not possible if you do not consider your user’s and what experience you are generating for them.


Evaluate your site – is it the best place to come?

Is your website the best place for users to come for your particular niche? does your content provide detailed analyses that are clear and easy for site visitors to understand? do you have any unique selling points (USP’s)?

Imagine you are a site visitor, does the website look open and welcoming? is the site’s content easy to find, is it easy to read, can people understand it? get your friends or family to look at your website from different angles, do they find what they need? Evaluating your website and ensuring it can sustain visitors needs is very important. To be top of your market you have to be the best.


Ways to better your user experience

A search function is always a good idea for your website as it crawls the website for people, does the search function work well and find all things related to a certain keyword? I have seen many search functions that when I enter a certain word comes up with hundreds of results, and I have to wade through them to find what I need – that is not good, and will certainly not help your user experience.

It is important not to obstruct your site with big adverts, and other large objects, keep your index page simple and inviting, displaying a true reflection of your site and its content – don’t overload your website.

Certainly to attract visitors to your site – ‘Honesty is the best Policy.’ Don’t advertise something on your website if the site does not have it, lies will soon put off visitors and although your website will enjoy a short term of traffic, it will soon dissipate as people hear of your bad reputation for advertising things you don’t have. It is good to give catchy titles to articles and other content, as long as that is what is in the article.

Does the website load fast? a slow website will send away many visitors, simple issues like that will deter users, you have to think of everything, and ask for as many opinions as possible. Remember not to take criticism as a personal insult but study it and see if there is any truth in what they say, don’t shut out suggestions but welcome them – it’s all part of providing a good user experience and resulting in a pleasant community and an income generator.

You are always learning,

you can never ‘know it all.’

If you want to build a big successful website – like Google, Facebook and other giants, then you need to place the user first, it’s the users that buy your products that provide income for you, it’s the users that rank you, it’s the users that support you. Be nice to them and they’ll be nice to you.


Thought of another reason why building user experienced based websites is important for success or want to ask a question? don’t be shy share it below or in the forums.

Written by Josh

Nothing you need to know? Oh alright then.. I'm a Young web builder in my spare time! Whilst engaged with exams, university, and what not.