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How to think of money, like a Grey Hat!

How to think of money, like a Grey Hat!

When I worked for Codemasters I had one of these cars.


This is what I had when I was a CEO of software publishing house Dotcom Internet.


This is what I was upgrading too when I sold my company.

red porsche

This is what I had when I was a consultant working for the BBC, Capita and IBM.


Now, in business, shareholders and managers try to sweeten the deal with you by giving you sporty cars. They want you to put the company before your family and they expect to own you 24*7*365.

They want you to sell your soul to the devil.

So, in return for a sporty car and high salary you get to give up your freedom in return to drive some flashy box that makes you look good.

Nowadays I drive this.


Why you say?

Well, firstly this little baby is all mine. No loans, HP or debts on my old Ford KA, its all mine!
When I pull up next to a Ferrari to fill up at the petrol station I know £20 should keep me going for a week. My insurance and road tax per year is probably 1 tenth of that of the Ferrari. To keep my car going I don’t need a high powered job where some control freak boss is trying to own me. I don’t need to be played like a toy poodle and roll over for some twisted agenda, whilst my family is waiting long hours for me to return home to them.

And the best part of all, if I lose everything else in my life, I will always have my Ford KA to trade in for a second hand laptop. :p

Look, it is only ego that makes you want to be seen by your friends, family and colleagues sitting in a Ferrari, rather than a Ford KA. Ego is what makes you buy a bigger swankier house than your friends. Ego is what makes you throw money at expensive gifts, rather than save that money and invest it in a new money making scheme, or perhaps give some to charity.

So Grey Hats”, be sure not to trade your freedom and happiness for a fancy metal object on four sets of rubber!

If you must spend money, spend it on smarter, cooler, faster ways of making money.

Don’t give up your life and family for a bright flashy illusion!

That’s the Grey Hat Way, that’s the middle way!


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.

  • Beverly

    You made some really good points here. And, it’s so true. If you sell out your soul (or ethics) for a few (or few thousand dollars/pounds), what’s that really say about you? When your friends and family find out about the illegal things you’ve done to ‘earn’ that money/car/whatever, they won’t be impressed. These people will lose respect. And, though you might still have that posh house and fine bank account, you won’t have the people who mean most to you. And, really that will be the biggest loss of all.