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Why mental health problems don’t make you stupid!

Why mental health problems don’t make you stupid!

mad not stupid

Ok, I own up, I’ve had a mental health problem for most of my life which some call manic depression and some people now call Bipolar disorder.
Yes, this condition comes with anxiety, depression and panic attacks and yes I have had periods of depersonalisation, de-realisation, OCD tenancies. Delayed PTSD, magical thinking, delusions of grandeur and all the rest of it.

Yet, there is a difference between madness and being stupid!

Just because your mind and emotions appear to give up on you, doesn’t make you stupid. Doesn’t make you not alive, not human, not worthy of empathy and attention.

I’ve personally lived at the very bottom of the food chain and sometimes near the top.

My life is a bipolar dance, from one extreme to another and it has been a real fight to maintain order and build a career.

But if old guys like me can do it, you can too.

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Love & Light


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.