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Why should you join the YWB forum?

Why should you join the YWB forum?

You may have read some of the posts on our blog, but have you registered to the forum yet?

There are other forums you could join but they are out-dated boring and inactive, or filled with spam bots like We use xenforo for our forum software, which is one of the most up-to date forum softwares around, making for ease of use, flexibility and functionality.  There is plenty of room for improvement but we need you to help shape the forum!

We discuss business, web design, making money web development, team management, programming, marketing, sales and everything else!

Why not come and share some of your knowledge?

Do you have any questions you want answering?  Youngwebbuilder has a wealth of information that you wont always find on other sites, we only focus on things that will make you money, and not just quick short term money, we will help you to make consistent money from your website.

Not into making money?

No problem, we will help anyone to build their own hobby site, or web-project.

Forum members get special treatment

We like to reward our members with special offers, competitions and prizes.  This will all be coming soon to those who help share their knowledge and experiences in the forum.

We will help you build whatever you want

With our extensive knowledge, research and team we will be able to help you build any website you want, we will also help you to beat your competitors, how to make your figures work, how to attract advertisers, all of it!  There could be a Branson among us.

Why not register now? Introduce yourself, tell us about you, what you want to achieve and what websites you run or want to run.

Only those who work hard and stick at something get results.  The time to start is while you are young.  You may have wondered how some of the larger sites got to where they are.  Sometimes it is money, sometimes it is luck, but often it is hard work and persistence.

See you there!! 

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.