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Why you need Google authorship for your blog

Why you need Google authorship for your blog

Have you ever seen a blog post in Google’s search result with the author’s profile beside it? That’s Google Authorship in action.

Google Authorship allows you to tell Google that you’re the author of the post and that you want to display more information about yourself in search results. Although it doesn’t increase your rankings in the search results, having your profile photo beside your post will increase click-through rates.


How do I get Google Authorship?

Google has made it relatively easy to get authorship for your site: all you’ll need is an email address on your site’s domain and a good headshot photo of yourself on your Google+ profile. Simply make sure that each post you write contains a byline (“By John Doe”), then go to to claim authorship by entering your email address (again, this address must be on your blog’s domain).

Why do I need it?

  1. Stand out. Make sure searchers see your blog in the search results.
  2. Gain trust. People will trust you more if they know more about you through data in authored results.
  3. Link all of your content. Google automatically puts a “More by” link in the search result, so people can search for more articles you’ve written, even across different blogs and sites.
  4. Connect your site with social media. Google Authorship allows visitors to easily connect your blog or site to your Google+ profile, which is a big plus if you want more followers on social media.
  5. Make a statement. Authorship puts you front and center, along with your content. Never again leave visitors wondering who wrote the awesome article.

Shortfalls & conclusion

Although Authorship works wonders in Google, no other search engine supports Google’s method yet. However, getting authorship for your site is an easy way to increase clicks and traffic, build trust, and get more loyal followers.

Written by Alfred

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