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Why you should get a press release made

Why you should get a press release made

Press Releases seem quite scary.  Although in reality, they are not as scary as you might think.  A press release derives from the method of a news piece or announcement from a business, being given and published by the press.   Originally this would have been just newspapers, magazines, TV broadcasters etc.. However since the internet and the explosion of news sites etc.. It’s not really “press” in the old sense, in all cases.  Sure you can send your press release to publishers, newsprint’s and relevant news sources.  However this is not always the case.


There are now 100’s of “press release distribution websites”. Whereby you can submit your press release, and often get a link back to your website.  This might not get you much attention as newspapers, and large news sites do.  The free ones are often barraged with press releases every day, however your press release may be picked up by smaller news sites who wish to publish content relative to their website.


You can pay a company to manage your press interactions for you.  They will use a paid service to submit your press release to more premium sites, and often larger news sites.


I can’t write a press release!! I’ve never written one before!

Not to worry, you can get one of these on, for 300-500 words, from skilled professionals with years of experience.  Just make sure that you are very clear as to what you want to include in your press release.


Remember a press release is a “release to the press” of news about your business, or your business opening.  Don’t worry though, you don’t need to be a registered business to publish a press release.


Some free places to get started:


How Do I write a press release?

If you write a press release, you want to do a few things.

1. A killer title

2. Include quotes of yourself

3. Give a form of contact

4.  Address yourself as “director, CEO, etc..”  Give yourself a title, “founder”.  Not “bob who lives with his parents”.

5.  Give a release date

6. A press release should be “news worthy”

You should try to use your real name, and abuse your age, as people will give you respect and notice you.  Try to include links back to your website, within the article, and keywords that you want to rank for as your anchor text.  This can help with ranking.

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