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Why Young Web Builder’s never BREAK UP!

Why Young Web Builder’s never BREAK UP!


Imagine you could make some friends when you a teenager and still be friends with them 30 years later.
Imagine this friendship was a bond that you in fact carried all the way through your life.
Imagine that these friends were there for you in the good times and in bad times.
Even when society expects you to break up, you never do.
Even when parents are breaking up, sisters are breaking up with their boyfriend and your employer is trying to break you up from your colleagues by trying to get you constructively dismissed.
When all the world is breaking up, the media is hacking, the Queen is pulling her curtains, the banks are baling out and the politicians are breaking the confidence in their leadership by cheating on their wives, stealing money from the tax payer or representing their own interests, rather than the interests of the millions of people they are expected to serve.

Imagine that the bond you have with your friends is so strong that you could rely on them whatever the circumstances.

You get sick, they are there.
You need money, they are there.
You need advice, they are there.
You are lonely, they are there.
You are being threatened, they are there.

Wherever you are, when, how, they are there!

Is this a pipe dream? Can this be so?

Well lets for a moment consider one simple scenario.

You have just lost your job, or you are fresh out of college and you are left facing a future either living on the dole, or working as a slave for Pound land. Whilst your parents are happy for you to remain at home, they do expect you to contribute to them and whilst they want you to get a job you enjoy they think that perhaps that job at Pound land working in amongst the toilet rolls is for you!

So what you going to do? You had hoped to find a local job as a programmer, web designer or games tester or perhaps even open your own business perhaps making money on-line. You think its not a good start in your life and when you remember that the local job centre is the worst place to start.

Now imagine you could connect with other people like you who had been through the same problem as you and had managed to overcome it. Imagine these people were there to share these experiences with you, any night or day. Imagine you could meet these people either on-line or offline.

Imagine you could call on these people for the rest of your life and your only investment was that you would be there for them throughout their lives. So when a Young Web Builder tells you that the answer to Pound land is to go do the job and then take the money and build a business with it, what you going to do?

When they tell you to that being unemployed will be a great time for you to start a business and never have to work for anyone else apart from yourself in your life.

When they advise you how to get set-up and work with you to promote your on-line business, how could you do any better than that?

Isn’t is time you woke up to Young Web Builder!

Young Web Builders never BREAK UP!

You could be a Young Web Builder.

Join our forum today at and experience the art of NEVER BREAKING UP!

It’s a straight choice between friendship for life or an uncertain life where you have to make it on your own.


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.