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Why Young Web Entrepreneurs should also get a job

Why Young Web Entrepreneurs should also get a job

A lot of people think that working online is the be and end all.
They think that they can avoid the REAL WORLD, by concentrating all their time and money online.
They buy the dream that if they invest online they don’t ever need to bother going to work offline.
That they can get rich just sitting down pressing keys on their keyboard.
They think that all the knowledge they will ever need to make a success of an internet business will come from online.

Truth is, they are wrong.

  • Most successful entrepreneurs learn their trade offline.
  • They know what it is like to get up for work and be on time every day.
  • They know what it is like to take instruction from the boss.
  • Know how to interact with their colleagues as part of a team.
  • Know how to talk to customers.
  • They know how to follow strict business rules and processes.
  • How to socialise with their peers out of work
  • They learn far more things about the market and business than they ever could online. They learn from the experience of being in the mix of business, rather than on the periphery of looking from the outside in.
  • They build strong trusting relationships with their colleagues that are far more reliable than those they develop online.

Its good to learn by looking at data on the Internet.

But if you really want to learn how business works, get a job and then use the knowledge and experience you learn to build an online business.

I was talking to a young web builder the other day and they were complaining that a marketing company wanted them to work for nothing.

I said to them.. “if you worked at this company for 3 months for free, what experience and knowledge would you gain?”. “And more importantly, could you use this experience to make money in some way?”

The penny dropped in their mind when i said that to them and they realised that working for nothing, isn’t really working for nothing.

If you sold mobile phones for free for 3 months, what would you learn in that time that could be used to setup a mobile phone business online?

Here is what you would learn .

1. You would learn the complete product range of all the major phone manufacturers
2. You would learn how mobile phones are priced
3. Where mobile phones were purchased from
4. How to sell mobile phones
5. Problems associated with selling mobile phones
6. How to handle customer complaints
7. How a mobile phone retail business operates
8. And all the other benefits mentioned above

So sit at home by all means and wait for a payed job, but you are basically wasting your time. Whilst you sit there, your peers are building experience, knowledge and contacts which they can leverage to build online businesses in the future.

So if you are in this business to avoid working offline, you are basically in it for the wrong reasons.

Don’t be shy of working offline, because the more you work offline, the stronger your business will be online.


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.

  • OIiver

    I was literally saying this to someone earlier haha.