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Will you be the one to build the next facebook?

Will you be the one to build the next facebook?

Recently we have heard that Facebook’s profits have fallen, Google, Apple and Microsoft report similar results, this produces a hole in the online market which YOU can fill, do you want to create the next generation of social networks? The web is changing fast, can you supply their needs?

It’s great to dream about being the best,

but that dream will never come true

unless you realise it and get active,

producing your dream.

Will you take up the glove and be one of the many bedroom entrepreneurs of the next generation, Facebook as seen earlier – is failing, in 10 years time, there might not be a Facebook or a Twitter – there will be different companies, different people, big companies like Google can’t rule the web forever, will you be the next one to be king of the web?

If you want to be rich and famous then you need to be one step ahead of everybody else and provide for the wants of the next generation, will that be smartphones? a new type of social network? whatever it is you need to think fast and start developing now, not tomorrow but NOW, if you leave it that little bit – somebody else will get there before you, and your chance will have gone.

All of us at Young Web Builder, are dedicated to providing you with a blog full of articles, and a forum full of webmasters, we strongly encourage you to develop websites, apps, games and other web based projects, but there is no use waiting till tomorrow, do it now!

Join us in the forums, and discuss with other young web entrepreneurs, your projects, your goals and inspire each other!

Instead of ‘trick or treating’ or going to wild parties stay at home tonight and get developing! Building a business requires dedication and your full comittment.

Written by Josh

Nothing you need to know? Oh alright then.. I'm a Young web builder in my spare time! Whilst engaged with exams, university, and what not.