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Working as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer

Do you have any skills that you could sell to people to make money?  Are you good at programming?  Are you good at graphics design, making youtube intros, marketing, article writing, solving problems.

But to work as a freelancer you first need to understand what a freelancer is, if you do not yet know.  A freelancer is someone who works independently not employed by one individual company and works for multiple companies or clients, sometimes on a contract bases, sometimes as a one off.

The technical meaning of a “freelancer” is someone who is self employed and not committed to one particular employer for a long period.  Now this means you are registered as a business, however technically this term is used loosely online, we are using it loosely so the idea is that if you have a skill that you can offer, you could try to make some money from it.


You could make a website for your freelance work, like Paul Middleton.  In-fact it is not always needed, but it is helpful to have something to showcase your work, or knowledge.


What are the benefits of being a freelancer:

  • Choose your own hours
  • Do what you enjoy every day
  • No limits to how much you can earn
  • Free to make your own decisions
  • No one pressuring you to perform
  • Can be quick to find clients online
  • Can get started very quickly
  • Get to meet new people and learn lots working for all sorts of business’s


What are the disadvantages to being a freelancer:

  • You don’t get paid when you go on holiday
  • You don’t get sick pay.
  • Need to learn in your own time without being paid for it
  • Some clients will be late payers, so you may have to chase them for money.
  • If you want to keep your skills up to date, you’ll have to pay for your own training from now on.
  • You are responsible for everything needed, sourcing clients, building a website

More ideas:

Are you good at writing scripts?
Are you good at writing press releases?
Are you good at designing flyers?
Data entry
Business Development
Editing videos
These are just some ideas, there are loads of things that you can sell as a freelancer.

Sites to advertise or offer your services:

There are a lot around, these are 5 of the best:


Commonly people will work as freelance journalists, you can in-fact get paid work with magazines and newspapers, or online news publications as a freelance journalist, however you may want to consider going more specific in your topics, unless you have a good wealth of example work.  Try contacting some blog owners, there are a lot of sites that pay for freelance articles.

I suggest that you establish yourself as an authority and know your subject well, keep up to date and make yourself easily contactable.


How much can I earn?

You can do quite well from working for yourself, and earn more then an average salary if you put in the work to get to those high paying jobs.


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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.