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Working with other business’s

Working with other business’s

To do well in business you often have to work with other business’s.  Why?

  • Helps you reach a larger audience
  • Could help you with office space
  • Helps you to bring a certain service/product to your audience
  • Give discounts to your/their audience for a product/service that you or they offer
  • Build authority for both business’s
  • This is often referred to as a “joint venture” it depends on the nature of the relationship
  • May be able to achieve a lot more that you may not have been able to on your own
  • Access to more opportunities

There are many different reasons that you may want to build a relationship with a business, it could be a small business, a large business, it could be a news publication you want to send news to.  You should note a few things:  Please do not waste peoples time with unfinished websites or products, your website may want to have a reasonable amount of content before you contact people, or some sort of credibility.  If you have just put a website up, or are yet to launch you may want to provide a good more amount of information if there is not something physical that people can see, I would not complicate things too much.  You want to grab attention by appealing to their interests and then provide more information.

A lot of business’s and especially news sites get sent 1000’s emails every day (maybe a slight exaggeration).  Either way, will find you can make the best possible presentation but you wont always get through the door. There are a few reasons for this:

1.  Are you a registered company? – Some business’s only deal with people who are a registered business as well.  You can operate as a business online, but if you are not registered as a trading business or sole trader in the country in which you live then some people may be less inclined to work with you.   Not everyone, it depends on liability, and the nature of the business.

2.  Does the company have guidelines for who they will work with/publish news from?

3.  Appeal to their needs.  It is very easy to forget just because a company may be bigger then you, that they can forget all about things that benefit them, you most always should find something that appeals to their needs and offer it.  For example: I will promote your services to my audience  (providing your audience is slightly different to theirs).  Which will mean you will be able to reach a larger percentage of (whatever the audience).

4.  Having trouble?   You may find people are more then happy to put your email in the trash, why?  Well, maybe they did not quite get the picture?  This is your responsibility to be as clear as what you want from them, and what you will offer to their brand.   If you do not get a response straight away, leave it a few weeks and follow them up.  If you are confident that you have something to offer them that will appeal to their audience then you are in every right to do so.  This is no problem at all, this shows your passion and that you are not going to go away (from business), is they choose to respond they may tell you “sorry that is not something we can do because…”. Or they may tell you, “That sounds interesting, please can you clarify..”

5. Getting news publications to publish news about your website –  This again, is where a LOT of emails are sent, so you need to really stand out.  In-fact it does not really matter what you have in the email body, if the title is not exciting that could mean the you not getting published.  So as we have already established in earlier articles, often a paid press release will get you onto a lot of authority websites, however this does not mean you will stick around for long, 100’s of news articles get published to these websites every day, a lot of these websites have sub-sections for these press releases, the proper editorial is kept for the main homepage and featured news.  This is where we want to get, we don’t necessarily want the sites that publish 100’s press releases daily, we  want people that are going to take our Press Release and run a story on it, depending on what you are looking for.   There are 1000’s such sites on the internet, that cover all types of news, some cover everything, some cover specific news.   It really does depend on what the news publication is, the more specific ones may be more inclined to publish your news then a more general news publication.  You need to think about who their audience is, what type of news their audience looks for.  Whether your news would fit in with the regular news posted on the site.  If you feel it would then get an exciting press release together with a great title and send it over.   If that does not work then you may want to refer back to what I said earlier, which is, how long have you been trading?  Have you proved your self yet?  Is there evidence that you have a market for your business?  Would a news publication be safe recommending you?  They don’t necessarily know who you are, why should they trust you?


Email Tips

Who are you? Where are you from?  What makes you so special?  What do you want from them?  What will they get out of the relationship?

End emails with:  

1.  Best Wishes


2. I look forward to hearing from you

Best Regards



In summary

What can you offer in the relationship?

Who are you? Where are you from?  Are you a legitimate person (Do you have a real phone number and address?) What is your aim?  How long have you been trading?  What is it you do, and how is it relevant to the other business?

The same principals may be relevant for working with other individuals and freelancers.

If you need any help please reply here or join in our forum.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.