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Young Web Builders: Scammer Personality Types – Which one are you?

Young Web Builders: Scammer Personality Types – Which one are you?


Here at YWB we are constantly on the look out to create new partnerships to produce and promote new content and so we meet a lot of people along the way. Problem is (and i mention no names), we have had our fair share by coming across people who are basically looking to scam us.

Here are some of the personality types we have come across and I wonder if you can recognise other people in them.

1. Tyre Kickers (talk a lot, but aren’t really motivated to do anything).

2. Black hats (always looking for some dark angle in what you tell them).

3. Wanna bee Superstars (Dreamers who want to be the next Bill Gates)

4. This Guy is a Millionaire (But he isn’t )

5.  This Guy wants to be a Millionaire (But he won’t ever be)

6. This Guy knows it all (but he never did anything special in his whole life)

7. This Guy knows a Guy who can do so much for you (but the guy and the other guy is a fake)

8. This Guy is pulling the strings behind the scenes (but he only doing that because he is a waster)

9. I can do so much for you (but they can’t do anything )

10. Want some money (i’m so rich i can give it away (NOT).

11. Familiar Fake Types: hey, Don’t i know you? (NO YOU F*’ing DON’T )

12. I just got my site to Number 1 in the Google Serps! — err.. yes, but did you look 10 minutes ago

13. Hey, let’s drain the guy of everything he knows  and set everything up in the background

14. Lets pretend we’re asleep, perhaps the problems will go away (no, they will still be there when you wake up )

15. Hey, us white hats are far more moral than those black hats, but isn’t it odd that we’re on bicycles and they’re driving Ferrari’s.

16. Hey, give me time, i’m going to make it happen (no you won’t lol)

What a blast ay!

Lets us know if you have seen others and please do have your say in our forum


Next I will be talking about how to build your own team for your web-project/business and how to avoid these types/deal with them.




Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.