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David Cameron – Does he have an imagination for youth unemployment?

David Cameron – Does he have an imagination for youth unemployment?

So, we have over a million young people unemployed, so what does that mean?

Well it means that there are one million plus young people are doing virtually nothing. Far from not going forwards in their work, they are actually going backwards. They are deteriorating. Every day they are unemployed their confidence is being eroded, their motivation undermined, their hopes dashed.

They learn strategies to cope with the pain of not being in the flow of life. They give the impression that all is fine in their world and that they are in control.

People who do work, talk of them as if they are a waste of space and are sold on the pretence that they really do enjoy a life on the dole.

Young people liking unemployment is the biggest fallacy in this country today, It is a convenient lie to hide the shame of our leaders who carry unemployment, like they carry a suitcase.

Unemployment is the greatest shame of generations today and before us.

Unemployment does not need to exist!

In a world recession we need everyone working, not only a select few. But everyone!

What kind of world is it where the leaders of our nations tolerate any form of unemployment?

You could be someone whose only bodily movement is a mouth that can move an instrument across a keyboard, yet you could still be put to work.

All it takes is imagination and the will to eradicate youth unemployment, or any unemployment for that matter and for good.

Outlaw it, ban it, consign it to statute in the Human Rights Act, but for goodness sake, don’t tolerate it.

And don’t throw hundreds of thousands of young people into menial jobs. Be imaginative, get them to work for the government and big business on the Internet.

This is where their skills are.

Do something!

What the hell are you in government for?


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.