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£100 Challenge


The internet is a playground for entrepreneurship, are you in?

The online revolution has been exponential, the world has watched “gurus” who’ve gone out and made millions through “blogs” and internet marketing fads but the trick doesn’t lie in a short cut, or stroke of luck. It comes down to a strategic approach to setting up online operations, through processes that have been over complicated by people wanting to make “not so secret,” trade secrets about making money online; hard to grasp for the general masses. Young Web Builder is out to change that.


Have you tried making money online but never quite got there?  Tried surveys and “secret methods” that can make you money in your sleep?

There is a common assumption that one can make money online by putting little effort in, the truth of the matter is that you will go around and around in circles with that mind-set.  Internet marketers are all too ready to prey on people looking for a quick way to make some extra cash.

Here is a specific example of how it  is right now:

We’ve all tried surveys – Will surveys make you £100 in a month? Very unlikely, will surveys make you £100 in 3 months? Still.. very unlikely, Will surveys make you £100 in a year?  Probably not!

Surveys are mundane, they don’t really benefit you personally, you have to give out your personal details and they are unreliable.


Will surveys help you get a job?  Well… lets not imagine someone sitting in a job interview boasting about the number of surveys they completed last month.

Will your own enterprise help you get a job?  Quite likely, if not for someone else then working for yourself..


Do you see yourself doing any of this?

Writing, blogging, sharing things you love, producing videos, graphics design,  teaching people, programming, social media marketing, helping small busniesses to increase their Google rankings, are you good editing videos?


What to do next?

Step 1. Join the YWB forum and introduce yourself in the £100 challenge section.

Step 2.  Find something you would like to focus on, there are plenty of ideas on the YWB blog, or you can always ask in the forums if you need.

Step 3.  Let us know how you are getting on in the milestones thread.



10 Ideas to get you started 

  1. £100 Challenge on Fiverr – Fiverr is a marketplace that lets you buy and sell any type of service (sometimes product) for $5 or $5 increments, ($5 equating to roughly £3.60)
  2.  The internet in 2015 is all about Video, are you?
  3. How to stand out as a freelance writer
  4. The rise of Micro-Job sites and SEOClerks
  5. Turn your computer skills into cash as a computer repair technician
  6. Creating trend/seasonal websites
  7. Why all you need is a social media page to get started
  8. Sell your games, music and more with Nuubuu
  9. Build a reviews website
  10. Introduction to affiliate marketing



Just one market that shows you the stats

In the UK in 2012 there were 4.8 million businesses in the UK of which 99% were small-medium in size employing 250 people or less.

Of these 4.8 million  96% or 4.5 million had 0-9 employees.

How many local businesses in your area are using the web properly to market their business, or at all?


Lets summarise

  • It doesn’t have to be a service you sell, you could create a digital product a YouTube channel could be considered a product..
  • By no means does it stop at £100, if you want to go further keep going £100 is a manageable goal that anyone can reach, it might take a week, it might take 2 weeks or a month or three months but in the end you’ll have a few things: Satisfaction, experience, more consistent and rewarding money than surveys or “short cut methods”.
  • The £100 challenge does not have to be about making money now, you can achieve your first £100 and more any time you want if you simply just want to develop your skills or create something now.
  • Remember as I say, the internet is an entrepreneurial playground, this does not mean you have to work on the internet from home for the rest of your life, it could be that you are a student and like our writer Gemma you could write online whilst studying. One thing that can be said is that you can definitely learn a lot about enterprise, business and yourself from using the skills you already have and are interested in online.
  • You don’t have to be from Britain to take part! Although this is the £100 challenge the internet is not specific to the UK, anyone is welcome..


 Have you been inspired by the concept of earning a living online? Do you feel it’s time to unleash your inner entrepreneur?  Click the banner below to sign up to the forum and join in the challenge..

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