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YWB Money Site Classification

YWB Money Site Classification

You can make a billion websites, but if you have never done the fundamental thinking around how you will make money from it, you won’t make any.

You can buy a spade and a spade on its own will not make you money.
Sure, you can use it to dig your garden, but that won’t make you money.
it’s only when you realise that you can take the spade and tell other people you will dig their gardens in return for money, that the spade turn into money.

So my question to you first is, which of the following categories does your website fit into?
1. Hobby / Interest Website
Interests you and other people, but not in a way you will ever make any money from it


2. Affiliate website
A site that presents other peoples products and you make a commission from customers who purchased online using your referral link


3. CPA offer redirect
A site which redirects your visitor to some offer where the visitor is asked to complete a form, or give their email or some such action.
e.g. Enter email to win an Ipad


4. Content Site with Advertising Network
Ezine sites, Article Directories and blogs where content is published regularly and where income is generated from advertising, supplied by advertising networks such as Google Adsense of Adbrite.


5. Ecommerce site
A site you cram full of your own homemade products or on behalf of other shops for sale.
Can be digital or real products.


6. Online Subscription Services (Free or Paid)
A site that offers services in return for a free of paid subscription.
e.g web hosting services (, education services (


7. Freelance Services website
A site that promotes your own services. Can be either onine or offline services.
e.g Photography, Graphics Design, Web Design, Plumber, Electrician etc.
You can include sites hosting your CV / Resume in this category, since they are still about selling your skills, even to an employer.


8. Info Product Website
A site where you sell information in the form of ebooks, videos, software etc


9. Business to Business site
A site that promotes a business, product or service to other businesses.e.g


10. Blackhat site
Sites that defraud other website vendors.
These sites use strategies such as Cookie stuffing, ClickJacking, Search Engine spamming and Social Engineering to subvert the technology and ultimately to subvert the visitor and the network that supplies the traffic and or Advertising revenues.


Now that you understand how to classify your website, you need to ask “What type of person is going to be attracted to my website, where can i find them and are these people likely to pay me any money.? Either by clicking on ads or purchasing something?


Be honest about this. If you cannot be honest, you won’t make money.


If after this analysis you find that your website won’t make you any money, DUMP IT and dream up one that will!


PS. if you can think of any other categories, drop a comment below and i will add more.

Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.