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YWB to offer Unemployed Under 24’s Hope by supporting On-line Businesses!

YWB to offer Unemployed Under 24’s Hope by supporting On-line Businesses!

Here at YWB we are always dismayed to hear just how many people under 24 are out of work. In the UK alone, we have over 1 Million under 24’s unemployed. That is 1 million young and capable people just sitting around being unproductive and going nowhere.

Can you imagine how wealthy our countries would be if we could take all that talent, all those skills and passions and put them to work?

The under 24 age group is stacked full of people who were brought up on computers. They know social media, they know mobile phones, using digital cameras and editing images.

Can you imagine what it would be like if 1 Million people were suddenly put to work on-line and were focused on making money?

Well here at YWB this is what it is all about.

Here, we forget about mealy mouthed politicians, dishonourable bankers, exploitative back to work schemes  and egotistical business gurus who talk but don’t know what they are talking about, in relation to young people.

YWB is on a mission and we aim to help as many under 24’s as possible to build businesses online.

So, whether you are into selling ballet shoes, offering graphics design services or building an income from advertising, YWB will always be here to help you.

If you would like to know more about what we offer and more about the team behind YWB, just drop by our forum at

You know where you heard all this first from!

See you there,

Stephen, Oliver, Josh, Nathan and the YWB team

Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.

  • Jubby996

    Hey Thats kind of me! I’m out of a job and left school, but I have started a website

  • Stephen

    Hi Jubby996, Well then, you are in a great position to take advantage of YWB.
    Anything you need to know, let us know.

    If we don’t know the answer to your question, we will find someone who does know.

    Good luck in your new venture.

  • Jubby996

    Thank you!