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YWB: Top Fiverr Sellers

YWB: Top Fiverr Sellers

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Fiverr over the past year, the sellers are so passionate and will really go out of their way to provide the best possible service for you.  I would say the quality of some of the gigs is often just as good as where you might pay ten times more elsewhere on the internet. Fiverr really does help anyone get the materials they need to make their online business possible, and succeed.  It is the unique $5 prospect plus the optional “Gig extras” that help to make sellers time viable and to give a variety of options based on a buyers budget/needs.  Even if you can’t or don’t want to make a part-time income or a full time income from Fiverr you cannot deny that it is a truly great opportunity for developing your portfolio and skills, many people have in-fact done this.  On the other hand the benefits to buyers is truly astonishing, you can get almost everything you need here for your online business and what you can’t get you can always ask for in Fiverr’s “My Requests”.

It is impossible to point one or more people out from the whole array of talent on Fiverr, these are some of the best that we have come across and some that the Fiverr community have pointed out:


Joined Fiverr: 1 Year ago

Rated: 99% 

Best gig: 2028 positive reviews



YWB Says:

If you need a promotional graphic made don’t have two thoughts about it, Dolce is who you want!  If you need a poster, banner for facebook or wordpress or coupons designed you’ve guessed it! $5 can get you one of these.  Having said this for your $5 with Dolce you really do get value for money.  The quality is so good if you have the ability to tip and you don’t I’ll personally be after you!

Popular gig: I will design any type of Flyer, Cover, Poster, Banner, Header 2 advertise anything for $5

Example –


Joined Fiverr: about 2 years ago

Rated: 100%

Best gig: 86 positive reviews



It is true that most websites do not make money for their owners, because they are not designed correctly for sales conversion. I have been analyzing and designing sites for 16 years and will analyze yours with a video analysis where I go through some of your web pages with a mouse and identify the weak areas. I will attach my video analysis report which explains exactly what is wrong with your site and how to fix it to increase your sales conversions and increase your profitability. As a gig extra, I will analysis your SEO (search engine optimization) and show you how to get better rankings on Google and other search engines, so if you need me to find problems with your SEO, please order the gig extra. We have turned around thousands of website sales and can do it with yours.

Popular gig: Analyse your websites homepage

YWB Says: If you want an external view on your website HotWebIdeas is your man.


Joined Fiverr: over 1 year ago

Rated: 100% 

Best gig: 3977 positive reviews


YWB Says:

Popular gig: I will design or Redesign a Professional LOGO In Any Format You Ask And Will Give The Source File As An Express Gig Delivered In Less Than 24 Hours for $5


 Joined Fiverr: over 1 year ago

Rated: 100% 

Best gig: 166 positive reviews


✰ FIVERR’S FIRST video performer and female SUPER SELLER!! ✰ Highly skilled professional ✰ Fiverr Top Rated Seller and Featured Seller ✰ Listed on IMDb✰ ✰

YWB Says:

OBG is one of Fiverr’s first super sellers, she knows her stuff!  If you spend any amount of time on Fiverr and their forums you’ll probably see OBG around, she is very active in the community and always tries to help other sellers!

Popular gig: I will video myself as a hippie for $5


Joined Fiverr: almost 2 years ago

Rated: 100%

Top gig: 1256 positive reviews



YWB Says

 Jerry is one of few, he lives and breathes videos and YouTube.  It is a real shame that his testimonials gig is no longer available lets hope they’ll be back one day!

Popular gig:  I will count BIG money and shout your name or site for $5

 See Jerry in action here:


Joined Fiverr: about 2 years ago

Rated: 100%

Top Gig: 956 positive reviews


YWB Says

 MadMoo might be a bit mad but you cannot deny she is uniquely creative, plus whats more she even has a gig for you to suggest ideas she has yet to do!  The general purpose of MadMoo’s gigs is to display messages in creative ways.  Go check them out.. You’ll be amazed!

Popular gig: I will write a short message in the froth of a cup of cappuccino placed on a plain white background plus on 1 separate colour and send you the jpgs for $5




Chris Hardy

 Joined Fiverr: over 2 years ago

Rated: 100%

Best gig: 945 positive reviews


YWB Says

 If you are making games, videos, animations or you just want to send someone a message, Chris is your man.  Chris does voiceovers and is a lyricist full time.

Popular gig: Speak your message in the cartoon voice of your choice




Joined Fiverr over 1 year ago

Rated: 98%

Best gig: 647 positive reviews


 YWB Says:

Every Facebook page deserves a few bells and whistles, after all it takes 2 seconds to start a Facebook page so you want yours to stand out? You want yours to convert into responsive fans, fans that make you money or fans that continually engage in your brand.  People are spread out on Facebook, their loyalty stretches amongst many brands and friends in their news feed so you want to stand out! Newbold3d will help you to do just that.  If you need additional tabs made perhaps for newsletter opt-ins or

Popular gig: I will create a PROFESSIONAL Timeline Facebook Fan Page Tab for $5


JoinedFiverr: almost 3 years ago

Rated: 99%

Best Gig: 1684 positive reviews

I’m an IT geek, a Mac addict, and I love what I do. But besides that, I am known for my kindness, friendliness and great communication skills, and also for taking my time to help people and answer to their needs. And another thing: I’m working almost 14hrs a day in here, so I’m also a fast deliverer


 YWB Says: If you want to achieve high rankings and consistent targeted traffic without spending too much money you’ll want to SEO your website, woofy will tell you what you need to improve your SEO and even SEM (Paid search engine marketing).

Popular gig: I will create a complete 30+ page indepth SEO and sem report for your website for $5


Joined Fiverr: over 1 year ago

Rated: 100%

YWB Says: 6760 positive reviews

I am an Article Provider with 100+ working writers. With over 6000+ Clients served and 20,000 articles sold! Take a look at my reviews to see what other buyers are saying about my articles. Their feedback is a true testament to the quality of my articles.


 YWB Says: If you need writing done NatashaNixon is who you want, there is no one more popular on Fiverr for writing gigs.

 Popular gig: I will write a 400 word SEO Article on Time Delivery or its Free



Joined Fiverr: over 2 years ago

Rated: 100%

Best gig: 1222 positive reviews


 Skilled in: Acting, writing, testimonials.

YWB Says: 1219 positive reviews

 I’m an actress, first and foremost. I dabble in other things as well – writing, designing, etc. I’m really just a student who likes sparkly things. =]

Popular gig: I will create a video positively reviewing your site or business for $5


Joined Fiverr: about 1 year ago

Rated: 100%

Best gig: 726 positive reviews

I’m a part time model and full time Fiverr girl! ✰ 3000+ Happy Customers ♥


Popular gig: 

YWB Says:

Kymmypops has been on Fiverr for just over a year now, she will be the first to tell you how far she has come in that time, has made well over 3000 sales in that time in her video testimonial gigs, modelling gigs, voiceover gigs and more.   Kymmypops is a real natural at what she does watch the interview below to hear her story about how she got started:

Skilled in: Videos promoting your business, modeling your products.

See our Interview with Kymmypops here:


Joined Fiverr: about 1 year ago

Rated: 100%

Best gig: 694 positive reviews

I am a revolutionary. You will find my gigs to be perfect for you if you’re a lover of humanity, a giver, an entrepreneur, an innovator, and someone for whom “finished is sometimes better than perfect, because it’s just where you START not where you END.”


Popular gig: I will give you a surefire method to Get Local Media Coverage for your business or cause using a Publicity idea you love GUARANTEED for $5

YWB Says:

Anarchofighter is a marketing wizard… Just a wizard! You’ll see…


Joined Fiverr: about 1 month ago

Rated: 100%

Best gig: 195 Positive reviews

Hi I’m an illustrator, I have a master’s degree with commendation, offering super bargain gigs here, Have a look! I deliver high quality drawings!!! Once you order my gig, you have unlimited revisions!!! ^_^ I am open to any illustration jobs. ENJOY!!! LOVE ♥♥♥…. ^_^ aprilbrady_double_mark

Popular gig: I will draw you a headshot/avatar/portrait/illustration/profile picture in this style for $5

YWB Says:

Hironan is very, very talented! There is no doubt about it, you won’t be disappointed by this seller..



 Joined Fiverr: about 1 month ago

Rated: 100%

Best gig: 1931 positive reviews


YWB Says: 

If you ever have a problem with your WordPress, maybe you want your theme tweaking, Aaliyaan is your man.  He is a true pro and so dedicated to his work.

Popular gig: I will customize WordPress, fix wp error, edit theme,template or css WITHOUT admin access for $5


Joined Fiverr: Over 2 years ago

Rated: 99%

Best gig: 866 positive reviews

I’m a graphic designer living in INDIA, I design Web Banners, eBook Cover page, Ebook & DVD bundle graphics


YWB Says:

We were very pleased with our banners from rroxx, as you can see from the examples above rroxx has a true talent in graphics design and can with the right brief from the buyer create a killer banner that will get you conversions.

Popular gig:   I will create 2 Professional Web Banner Ads for $5




 Joined Fiverr: About 2 years ago

Rated: 100%

Best gig: 62 Positive reviews

 Hi I’m Sean. I’m here to help you with your online marketing. I’ve got 5 years of experience in social marketing and I’ve trained with some of the best people out there. ★ 150+ Happy Customers ★ 100% Rating


YWB Says: For a Facebook page to be truly successful you should consider investing in some killer features for your page such as a testimonials page, viral video page, cover photo.  Seanax is a Facebook pro, pretty much everything you could want to turn your Facebook page into a killer  Facebook page that captures, engages and performs.

Popular gig: I will make your Facebook page FABULOUS for $5


Joined Fiverr: 12 months ago

Rated: 100%

Best gig: 1336 positive reviews



 Twistedweb is Fiverr’s first superseller!

YWB Says: Twistedweb is Fiverr’s first superseller, he can help you to create a killer Fiverr gig , Twitter/Facebook backgrounds and give you tips to improving your website which range from $5-$50 depending on what you are looking for including hacking vulnerability report, video presented review and SEO analysis.

 Popular gig: I will improve your website with 10 tips for $5


Joined Fiverr: 12 months ago

Rated: 100%

Best gig: 313 positive reviews




Popular gig:  I will submit your press release/news to 40+ Free Press Release sites + 4 Paid for $5

YWB Says:

Over a year Raly1783 has sold well over 1700 gigs.

The reviews speak for themselves, sure 40 of them are free websites, and 4 of them are paid websites yes free does not mean the best but for the price, how long would it take you to register to all of these websites to format the post and post your press release onto these sites?  Maybe they are not the best but its always good to get yourself out there and noticed and if you are on a budget this $5 press release distribution service is definitely worth giving a go.  I bought  her gig and did notice a trickle of traffic some of the press release sites were targeted to business and web development which was great!

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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • moo

    Thank you for including me in this list, Oliver! It’s fantastic to see fellow sellers too, quite a few of whom I know from the site. :)

    • OIiver

      I love how you leave your name as “Moo” haha great! I love your work and I am sure our readers will too.

      • moo

        It’s actually a name I go by in a number of places and even my daughter calls me ‘moo’ :) I like it!

  • Newbold3d

    Thanks for including me in the list! Great working with you :)

  • Aaliyaan

    Thanks man for considering me :)


  • John Anston

    I’ve ordered from Alliemadison12 and she’s really great, and she’s delivered my favorite videos! She should have been included.

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