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Top 10 – Best ‘Tech’ Companies To Work For

Top 10 – Best ‘Tech’ Companies To Work For

Turning up to work each day shouldn’t consist of the same boring old routine, endless hours of constant work or even waking up each day dreading to go in. Working in the ‘Tech’ industry can breed a whole new light onto the routine of work. Many tech companies believe in a different way of looking after there employees. This article will discuss the 10 tech companies to be working for at this very time.

Okay, so lets get started:

#10 – Citrix Systems

10. Citrix Systems

Coming in at number 10 we have, Citric Systems. This company deals with software. It makes server and desktop virtualization, networking, SaaS, and cloud computing products. It’s success is based upon having a close relationship with Microsoft. Competitive benefits, accessible senior management and a great flexible work schedule . This makes it a great place to work in the eyes of its employees.


Average Salary

Can start around $22,000 and can reach up to $122,000. It all depends on your position in the company and how many hours you put in. More information can be found here


#9 – has been ranked the most innovative company in America by Forbs. This software enterprise giant has come in high in PCmag editors choice awards in the past few years for it’s top-of-the-line CMR products. This industry advances quickly and salesforce never fails to fall behind.


Average Salary

Starts at around $33,000 and can go right up too $121,000 a year. Again, it all depends on your role within the company and experience etc. More information can be found here


#8 – Workday

8. Workday

Founded by David Duffield and Aneel Bhusri in early 2005. Since then the cloud-based financial management software company has employed over 1500 staff. The staff working at Workday say last years IPO was the “most exciting in all of Silicon Valley”. There work environment at Workday is described as “stimulating” thanks to dedicated, passionate and committed employees.


Average Salary

The average Salary at Workday can start off at $21,000 and reach up too $140,000. More information can be found here.


#7 – Akamai

Founded by an MIT grad student and professor duo, Akamai is a digital content delivery network. They had a many well known customers in the past, some include the likes of Apple, Hitachi and even the US department of defense. Employes applaud the ‘unlimited vacation policy’ Although some staff report that work is often so busy, that it’s hard to find time to take a vacation.  other reviewers of the company seem to agree.


Average Salary

Interns are the lowest Salary earners at Akamai, they earn around $25,000 a year. However, the highest paid staff at Akamai is the engineer manager who earns an outstanding $150,000! More information here.


#6 – Gartner

Gartner’s specialism is “doing the research so you don’t have to”. The company gives tech-related advice to IT leaders to help them make important decisions in the in the IT sector about IT related products. It shares insights into tech trends and often hosts several conferences. Employees of Gartner say it’s a great company to work for as you’re learning and has a nice environment to work in.


Average salary

Gartner’s Salary starts off at $27,000 a year and can reach up too $130,000 (vice president). You can find out more information by clicking here.


#5 – Rackspace

5. Rackspace

AKA – Rackers, as they like to be called are a cloud computing vendor and hosting company. “The company’s commitment to culture is unfathomable without being in the company. Everyone eats, lives, and breathes the awesomeness that we give to each other.” A technical manager in San Francisco wrote. Not only do they insure that everything is running smoothly inside the office, then insure it happens outside too.  “The rack also has a very good life/work balance and is very family focused. Having to leave early to pick your kids up from school from time to time is no problem.” – Wrote a Linux engineer for the company.


Average Salary

Starting at $19,000 and the top Salary reaching $75,000. Rackspace Salary may not be as hefty as some of the other competitors but don’t let that put you off it’s outstanding way of working. More information can be found here.


#4 – LinkedIn

If you haven’t already heard of LinkedIn (It’ll surprise me if you haven’t!) it’s a company that means business. It’s a company that runs a social networking site for people in professional occupations. It was founded in 2002 and already has over 200 million users worldwide. “big enough to impact the world, small enough you can still impact the company.” is how the company is often described. Each month LinkedIn allows it employees to have an “INday” where they are free to have a break from there usual routine to take time out and inspire others or do volunteer work for the company.


Average Salary

Starting at $44,000. It’s top role is an Accounts Executive that can pay a maximum of £135,000! You can check out some more of the roles and there pay, by clicking here


#3 – Riverbed Technology

2. Riverbed Technology

Riverbed Technology is a company for WAN optimization solutions. Employees enjoy the responsive management and the collaborative corporate culture at the company. According to a survey done by GlassDoor, the employees approve of the company’s CEO as he sits in a cubicle like all his staff. It’s reported that it’s offices have a great break room stocked with free food and drinks and that  the company throws a bang-up holiday party.


Average Salary

The lowest paid role is around $48,000 (still a high paid job) and can reach up to $71,000. To find out more about their salaries, click here.


#2 – Google

3. Google

Googles come close to being one of the “Happiest places on earth” next to it’s closest competitor – Disneyworld. Employees are allowed to devote 20% of there work time to work on there own separate projects. However, they say the workload that is required for google ‘intense’  but the outcomes are globally recognized.

What makes Google really stand out is its plethora of staff benefits

There’s an on-site car wash, dry cleaning service, bike repair, and hair dresser. As well as all this, they offer on-site cafés  and lunch-rooms with all-you-can-eat. Off campus they have facilities like Gyms,  fitness classes, climbing wall and even a massage parlor.  Also, if you pass away whilst working for google, your husband/wife receives half of your annual salary every year for 10 years. That can mean some serious cash when the average salary for someone working at google is around $113,016 and reach up to $275,000.


Average salary

Google is a company of many roles. There lowest pay is for Interns that ranges around £1,500 a month. However, for some of the more advanced and experienced positions it can reach up to $129,000. Read more here.



#1 – Facebook

1. Facebook

Near enough everyone you know will have at least heard of facebook. Millions of people LOVE it and adore it. But it’s users are the only ones who do. Employees enjoy working there as well! They describe there co-workers as “vibrant and brilliant,” “supportive,” and “some of the smartest people in the world” according to anonymous employee reviews. They enjoy knowing the fact that they can add a feature to the site and know that the next day it’ll be in front of billions of users – not something you find in the average job.  Ed Maia, a software engineer for the site, said that he enjoys the free meals, laundry services and haircuts as it removes the stress from the normal day-to-day life.


Average Salary

Interns for Facebook earn around £2000 a month. However for an advanced software engineer your pay can reach right up too £150,00. To find out more, click here


So, there we have it. Technology turns out to be one of the most enjoyable sectors to work in. Which one do you prefer?


Written by Reece

I'm a young web designer from the UK. I'm 15 years old and enjoy spending my free time on the internet writing reports, coding, designing and chilling out with friends.

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    I worked for IBM, BBC, Microsoft, Lotus and Codemasters and 4 out of 5 of them were great places to work. I’ll leave it to the readers to guess which one was the worst lol…